Spring will soon be here ……. we hope.
The U.K. songbird population has declined by forty four million birds in the last fifty years. Why not help them recover and at the same time have the pleasure of watching nature in your garden?

Here are some top tips for the success and the welfare of our feathered friends.

Buying a nest box.

  • Choose a nest box that is made from an insulating material such as timber – this will help keep the eggs and young maintain a constant temperature.
  • The timber of the box should be at least 15mm thick. The outside of the box can be safely treated with a water based preservative such as Ronseal Fence Life.
  • Don’t choose a box made of plastic, ceramic or corrugated card – although birds may occupy them they are unlikely to be successful in raising a family.
  • Choose a box with a 32mm entrance hole for the best chance of visitors. If you only want to attract Blue Tits choose a 26mm hole.
  • The floor area of the box should be at least 130 sq. cm (20 square inches). This encourages more eggs to be laid.
  • Avoid boxes with perches as these can assist predators.
  • Don’t choose a box which is part of a bird table as nesting birds need privacy.

Putting up your new box.

  • Don’t place similar types of box close to each other as it can cause aggression between similar birds.
  • Shelter your box from the weather – angle the box slightly downward to avoid rain driving into the box. Also avoid south facing positions as they can get too hot in the sunshine.
  • Small hole (26mm or 32mm) boxes should be placed one to three metres above the ground on a tree trunk, fence, shed or wall.
  • Open fronted boxes for robins etc. should be placed amongst foliage to obscure the entrance…. Don’t worry the birds will find it.
  • Ensure the box is not easily accessible to cats and squirrels.
  • If you have issues with squirrel’s consider fitting a metal plate around the entrance for protection against chewing.
  • Position the box away from bird feeders.
  • Use galvanised or stainless steel screws or nails to fix the box so they do not rust.
  • Check the security of the fixings annually.
  • Try and put your boxes in place in February although it is never too late to try.


Good luck and enjoy!

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