The Kitchen Garden

Warm the soil for future plantings. Cover the area with black polythene to insulate and keep the soil dry and workable. This is the last chance to plant onion and shallot seeds. Sow seeds in the greenhouse using cell trays and a propagator if needed.

Plant new fruit trees and bushes incorporating tree and shrub compost and Vitax Q4 fertiliser to aid establishment – always remember to use a stake and tie.

The Water Garden

Pond season is almost here so it is now a good time to check that all your equipment is still in working order following the winter don’t forget to check your pipes and fittings for leaks.

As the weather starts to warm up for fish will become more active meaning you can begin to feed them more regularly. Divide and repot large established pond plants before they come into growth.

Flowering Plants

This is the traditional time to plant and prune roses. Plant new varieties in soil enriched with farmyard manure. Established bushes should be pruned back to about eight inches and all dead or diseased wood removed.

This is also an ideal time to plant new trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Existing herbaceous perennials such as Lupins can be lifted and divided now to produce more plants and improve vigour – use two forks back to back to prise them apart.

Now is the time to buy summer flowering bulbs and our bulb market is fully stocked.

Lawn Care

If the weather is dry enough take this opportunity to aerate the lawn and top dress with turf dressing to improve drainage and fill in the hollows. Re-seed bare patches as required, try a combined seed and feed.

Consider laying stepping stones in the lawn to protect heavy traffic areas such as to the shed – choose a design you like, cut out the turf to shape and lay the stone in below the turf level for ease of mowing.


Check your seed catalogue for sowing times and make a note in your diary to plan production. Pot up Begonia corms to encourage early. Sticky yellow traps give protection against early aphids.

Watch out for a late frost, have your heater at the ready ensure you have paraffin to run it!



Plant Of The Month