Hi I am Steve Hallett General Manager here at Hollybush.

Well it has been a slightly different day for me at Hollybush today. Started as usual arriving at work around 07.30 and ended arriving in Oldenburg Germany around 23.00.The flight was a bit bumpy as the plane had propellers!

Why you may ask?

Well we are visiting a potential supplier of quality outdoor plants we have found to hopefully select new stock for now and spring next year.


We woke up to a beautiful sunny day with a forecast of 26 degrees, a quick breakfast before we were collected from our Hotel and started the day with a drive around the nursery which is spread over many sites.
We were blown away by the size of the site and quality of the stock.
They also had some very innovative technology for watering the plants and picking the orders.
We then went to the main nursery and fantastic showroom glasshouse they provide to start selecting stock.
We were immediately impressed with the quality of most the stock they had and quickly realised it was going to be a productive visit.
Our calculator was working hard as everything was priced in Euros collected from the nursery, so we had to calculate in transport costs per plant dependant on size and then convert into pounds to get our UK delivered prices.
The morning went by very quickly and it was soon time for our traditional German lunch of sausages and Krout salad.

In the afternoon we went out onto the nurseries outlying areas to hand select some beautiful bonsai pine trees and other plants.
Then back to the main site to finalise our orders for delivery next week, late September and next spring.
Then back in the car for the 1 ½ drive back to Hannover for our flight home.

I arrived back at home around midnight – a long couple of days but well worth the effort.

Can’t wait now for the first delivery to arrive next week, the plant area should look amazing.

IMG_0897IMG_0914 IMG_0917