Local Cat Sitting Service

An alternative to catteries. Offering professional and personal assistance for your cats in the comfort of their own home.

If you’re working long hours, planning a holiday, short trip or just need someone reliable to look after your fur baby.

Services Offered

I offer a wide range of services from fussing & feeding, litter changes, medication, play time & pampering. I will ensure per instructions all your pets needs are met. If there are other requirements please ask, I’m always happy to oblige.

Home Care Services

A home care service can also be provided, such as putting out your refuse bins, picking up your mail, putting on lights and drawing curtains and other home services you may require. *Please just inform me upon making a booking if and what your requests are.

Upon returning home I will happily purchase bread and Milk, this is a complementary service. If you have dietary requirements your needs can also be met for a small fee.

*Extra services: e.g. purchasing a newspaper, will just be charged whatever the item costs.


Whilst you are away from home, I understand you will miss your feline friend dearly. To allay this, at no extra charge, I will send you updates & photos, so you can see how much fun they are having in Kedi-Care.

Tel: 07731 858826
Email: Kedi-care@outlook.com
Website: www.kedi-care.co.uk