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Wishing a Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads, Grandads, and Stepdads out there, and remembering all those no longer with us ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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☔️☔️☔️You don't need us to tell you there's been just a bit of rain lately, and with more forecast for the next few days you might as well make the most of it, grab your coat, and get some gardening jobs done!

☔️ WEEDING. Just after a good downpour is the perfect time to get your weeding done. Heavy rainfall means damp soil, which loosens up the weeds’ roots, making them much easier to extract.
☔️ PLANTING. For new plants and seedlings, planting in the rain can be of great benefit since you don’t have to worry about watering them. (Previous sowings may have rotted, so you may need to re-sow. Check seed packets as it may be too late now for some crops)
☔️ FEEDING. As well as sitting back and making the most of the rain watering your plants for you, you can take the opportunity to feed them too. Get out there with your fertiliser and sprinkle around the base of each plant. The rain will then help it to run straight into the roots for maximum uptake. Feed any plants, such as tomatoes, which may look as if they are running out of nutrients.
☔️ EDGING. Garden edging is the best solution for maintaining a trim border, and just after a rainy day is the best time to install it. Just like with weeding, the damp soil is your friend here. It’s much easier to shape with a spade or trowel, and the edging pins will sink into the ground much more freely.
☔️ SUPPORT. Your border plant's new top growth will be soft. Wire supports and pea sticks are easier to push in when the ground is wet.
☔️ PROTECT Keep rain off seedlings or strawberry flowers and fruit with cloches.
☔️ RESCUE Outdoor container plants can die if the compost becomes waterlogged. Rescue pots by removing trays from under them, at least for now and pot feet can help with drainage.
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Great days out in Staffordshire, enjoy our Garden Centre, Aquatics, Shops & Restaurant!

The perfect location for a day out at one of the largest independent garden centres in the UK.


Garden Centre

Welcome to Hollybush Garden Centre and Aquaria, the perfect location for a day out. Hollybush is one of the largest independent garden centres in the UK offering a vast range of products at competitive prices.

Whether you are a keen gardener or just want to browse, our Garden Centre in Staffordshire offers friendly and professional advice on all aspects of gardening.


Our aquatics department have a variety of tropical, freshwater and marine fish. With over 100 tanks of fish to choose from, we offer pumps, lights, filters, heaters and streams. Our staff are on hand to offer the advice you need when setting up your new pond, fish tank and the wellbeing of your fish.


Our pet shop offers a variety of small mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Some of these include; rabbits, hamsters, snakes, lizards, spiders, budgies, canaries and zebra finches. We also offer food, housing and accessories for conventional and exotic pets alike, along with the best advice for taking care of your new pets.

Restaurant & Café

Whether you want a morning coffee, breakfast, afternoon tea or a three course meal, our restaurant and café has a great menu to satisfy your tastes.

We are very family orientated, welcoming children with their own menu and colouring sheets to enjoy.

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