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We have a great variety of beautiful tropical, freshwater and marine fish in store. Visit our display pools, including two giant Koi ponds and over 100 tanks of tropical, marine and pond fish. From tropical, marine aquariums, to garden or landscape pools and water features, we offer pumps, lights, filters, heaters, plug & play aquariums, pools & streams. We also offer a comprehensive range of treatments, dried and live foods.

Aquatic Sundries

Liven up the tank with aquatic essentials

Fish tanks and cabinets

Explore a range of modern tanks and cabinets in various colours, materials and finishes

Aquatics Sundries

There is a great range of equipment for all of your fishkeeping requirements. Filters, heaters, light starter units and tubes, treatments, food (flake, pellets, granules, freeze dried and frozen). We have a large range of decor too like resin, concrete and plastic ornaments plus realistic plastic plants and gravels in natural and fluorescent colours! Fine, classical and modern styled tanks and cabinets are available in almost every shape, colour and size.

Cold Water

Coldwater fish make the ideal pet for the first time fishkeeper. Hollybush has an extensive range of coldwater fish from Goldfish and Shubunkins to Bubble-eyes and Calico Fantails, including everything you need to keep them happy from small starter kits to beautiful aquariums and cabinets.


For the more experienced fishkeeper, we recommend our finest selection of marine fish with unparalleled quality and variety. At Hollybush, we have everything to keep these beautiful saltwater fish thriving in your home with special marine set-ups, as well as equipment incl. filtration, protein skimmers, ultraviolet sterilisers, reverse osmosis units and ozonizers plus water treatments and additives.

Along with advice from our trained and experienced staff, we have books available on marine aquariums and mini reefs, marine fish and invertebrates, fish health and specialist reference books. When you’re ready to dive in we have over 40 marine aquariums displaying one of the largest collections of marine fish in the region with some of the most beautiful fish, invertebrates and crustaceans you will see.

Our new marine system has been completed.


Support the environment and wildlife with a garden pond. Take a look at our displays of all sorts of pond and coldwater fish from Red Comets and Shubunkins to Ghost Koi and Grass Carp, ranging from 2″ – 3″ right up to 20″ – 24″ Koi and jumbo Goldfish displayed in our two indoor pools.

Everything needed to make your own special garden feature is available from flexible liner to pre-formed pools and waterfalls, pumps, filters, treatments, foods, pond plants and many, many other products. You will also find an extensive range of statuary and water features.


Get a taste of the tropics with over 200 aquariums in our fish house containing fish from far-flung corners of the globe like Singapore, South America and Africa; we cater for every need and level of knowledge. We have one of the largest Aquatic centres in the Midlands and have all the accessories you’ll need to set up a tropical aquarium at the lowest possible price.

Our staff will assist and advise you on what fish you can keep with others so they will live in harmony together. We have some of the most favourite fish like Tetras, Guppies, Platys and Swords to the more specialist species like Discus and Cichlids. We also have a range of live plants for aquarium decor and to help make a more natural environment.

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