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Choosing the right firepit

A firepit is an ideal centrepiece for any garden and when you light yours it’ll enable you stay outside for longer and really make the best of your outside space!  

With so many to choose from, selecting the right one may feel like a daunting task, but we’ll show you how. 

Here’s everything you should consider when choosing your fire pit… 

Size and Space:  

Of course, size is important; you need it to fit into your garden!  We know it sounds obvious, but it’s a little more than just thinking about the size of your garden. It’s also about how you want to configure your garden layout. 

Do you want a fire pit that you can sit all the way round? Or do you only have space for a smaller fire pit over to one side? 

A classic fire pit bowl might be best if you want something to sit around like a campfire.   

If you don’t think you have the space for that, then a chimenea that sits off to one side might be better. 

Firepit style

The classic fire pit bowl is a top choice, especially with a small garden. Compact yet powerful, they provide warmth without hogging all your precious outdoor space. They keep you snug on those cool nights and act as an attractive centrepiece, making your garden look enchanting. 

The best part? They disperse heat in a 360-degree radius, inviting everyone to enjoy a cosy, campfire-like ambience, perfect for those intimate garden gatherings. 

You’ll also appreciate their versatility. They come in a variety of materials from cast iron to steel, allowing you to choose one that fits into your garden’s decor. Even better, some models come with grill grates or plancha, turning your fire pit into a barbecue – a great space-saving feature for small gardens. 

Choosing a fire pit bowl means you’re not just investing in a heat source. You’re cleverly maximising your garden’s potential, creating a spot perfect for relaxation, entertainment, and even some impromptu grilling! 

Maximising Space and Charm: Chimeneas  

With its enclosed fire bowl and chimney-top design, a chimenea is another brilliant choice for your garden. These charming pieces, originally used for cooking and baking in Mexico, are more than just pretty faces. 

What makes them a hit in a small garden is their smart design. They are compact and don’t command much floor space, but they’re amazing regarding warmth. Their design focuses heat outwards through the opening, making it great for huddling on those chillier evenings. 

Not just a source of heat, a chimenea can also double as a cooking station. They also come iin a variety of materials, such as clay or cast iron, allowing you to find one that complements your garden’s style. They offer a rustic charm, transforming a small garden into a cosy outdoor haven.  

Fuel Choices: Selecting the Best Option for Your Fire Pit 

All fuel types are suitable for a small garden; In general, a wood-burning fire pit might need a little more room to make sure it’s far enough away from buildings or other structures that could catch fire. 

Also, something to remember with wood-burning fire pits is the extra space you will need for a wood store.  It doesn’t have to be massive, but it should be considered. 

Materials Matter: Evaluating Options for Your Garden Fire Pit Construction 

The material is paramount when choosing a fire pit for your small garden. It determines appearance, durability, and safety. Here are brief overviews of common choices: 

Clay or ‘chimeneas’ bring rustic charm and radiant heat, perfect for a cosy garden. However, exposure to harsh weather may cause cracks, making it unsuitable for exposed gardens. 

Steel: Durable, versatile fire pits can suit any small garden. They can rust over time, but this can look attractive and you can even purchase pre-rusted ones! 

Cast Iron: Robust and excellent at retaining heat, cast iron fire pits are ideal if your garden is your main outdoor heating source. Regular care is needed to prevent rusting. 

Stainless Steel: Modern-looking and rust-resistant, stainless steel fire pits are ideal near plant life or water features, but they tend to be pricier. 

Corten Steel: Weathering steel, or ‘Corten’, forms a stable rust-like appearance over time, requiring minimal maintenance – a good choice for a relaxation-centric garden. 

When choosing the material, consider local climate, maintenance willingness, and how the fire pit will blend into your garden. 

The Importance of Portable Fire Pits 

For smaller spaces, you may want to look for fire pits that are more manoeuvrable and portable if, for example, you want to put your fire pit away to free up some space at any time.   

This is also great if you are looking for a fire pit to travel with you when appropriate. 

If you need to move your fire pit occasionally, your best option is a fire pit bowl or stove. 

Chimeneas are not portable! They are made from clay and usually have a lot of weight.  They are also made from two pieces (a fire bow and a stack or chimney) stuck together, which means they can be fragile, so moving them is not a good idea. 

Prioritising Safety: Key Considerations for a Fire Pit in Your Small Garden 

Safety should be one of your priorities when choosing a fire pit for your garden.  There are several factors to consider: 

Does your fire pit have enough space around it? 

Is your fire pit far enough away from buildings, trees, or other flammable materials? 

How windy is the location you want your fire pit? 

Can you move around the fire pit safely? 

Do you have a water source close?  Or space for a sand bucket? 

You get the idea.  Making sure you choose a fire pit that leaves you plenty of space for all the necessary safety precautions is key. 

Beyond Warmth: Accessorising Your Fire Pit for Maximum Functionality in Small Gardens 

This might sound like an odd thing to think about, but looking at the accessories options available for fire pits and chimeneas can be an important factor when choosing the right firepit.   

After all, did you know you can easily turn your fire pit into a BBQ?  Or that you can get a stove pot that fits perfectly in the stack of your chimenea? 

Adding functionality to your fire pit in this way can help save space elsewhere in your garden, and prove cost-effective so you get the most from your budget. 

Remember, a firepit is not just a cosy heat source. With the right accessories, it can become your own outdoor kitchen or even the centrepiece of your garden. Whether it’s grill grates for a summer BBQ or a stylish stove pot, there are plenty of options. So go ahead, have fun exploring the possibilities and making your fire pit experience truly unique. 

Chimeneas and Firepits


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