Looking After Yourself

Well… we all know the sinking feeling, the days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting colder and soon we will waking up in the dark and arriving home in the dark.

For some people the dark winter months can be totally debilitating especially those who suffer from S.A.D. (seasonal adjustment disorder). We are all to some extent affected by the inclement weather though.

However, research shows that spending time outdoors, observing nature and even bringing a little of the outside in can be extremely beneficial in fighting off the “Winter Blue’s”. Generally, people who commune with nature have better physical and mental health.

In the UK our gardens occupy more area than the all the country’s nature reserves added together and form valuable wildlife corridors between bigger green areas.

If the weather is cold outside what could be nicer than sitting inside with a cup of tea looking out onto a pretty garden filled with birds, plants and other wildlife?

To encourage insects consider planting:





Looking After Wildlife

Or, why not consider installing a bird table or feeding station in your garden? Not only will it provide hours of entertainment but you will be doing your bit to conserve our wildlife.

There is now a great range of feeding stations and bird food available in our new wild bird care area Hollybush. Why not come along and take a look for yourself?

Indoor Plants

Also consider growing plants in your home. Herbs can be easily grown on the kitchen windowsill and provide you with tasty seasoning in your cooking.

Flowering houseplants such as Cyclamen and Azalea’s will brighten any space, or foliage houseplants can green up a space and help remove impurities too.

Finally, if the weather is kind, take time to get outside in the fresh air even if it is only a walk in your garden, sweeping up leaves or a stroll in the park. We promise you will fell better for it.

Plant Images By –  www.rhs.org.uk


More Info:
For further information and support with mental health issues visit www.mind.org.uk
For further information on wild birds visit www.bto.org
For further information on gardening call or visit us at Hollybush or visit www.rhs.org.uk

Looking After Your Garden

Why not plant your garden with fruit bearing plants to encourage the birds to visit and provide them with life saving food at the same time?

Plants such as –